What You Can Expect From Me  


You can expect a compassionate professional who is attentive, genuine, and trustworthy.  I regularly invest in continuing education, and am well versed in a variety of counseling theories and techniques-ranging from well established to leading edge.   


As stated elsewhere, the sense that you and your counselor are a good fit is one of the most important parts of counseling.  


To help you decide if I would be a good fit for you, here's some information about me and my views on counseling.  As you read through, make sure you feel like my approach will "fit" with you and your situation.


I am experienced, empathetic, intuitive, and know that there's much more to your life than the one hour a week spent in counseling. I am supportive, but I will also hold you accountable to YOUR goals. Having said that, I am also kind of on the artsy side. While those two qualities don’t automatically go together, I like to think I have a sense of organization and my eye on the practical as well as the ability to problem solve in creative ways and with empathy.

More about my approach: I firmly believe the saying “Life is too important to take seriously” is a great motto, and will often bring humor into sessions.  I do not think or talk in terms of mental illness or diagnoses much. I am much more focused on helping people figure out how to cope and reach goals. As far as I am concerned, about the only use for diagnoses is they allow me to get paid by insurance. (See About Insurance for more information on how insurance companies treat mental health benefits). I am down to earth, and have learned a lot of really good stuff from my clients over the years. I take a completely secular approach to counseling. I place a high value on social justice for all people and will not impose my personal beliefs or morals on you or your life.  I respect people of all (or no) religions, beliefs, and faiths, and am more than willing  to use YOUR spiritual beliefs in our work together, if it seems useful.


Here is a link to my Policies and Agreement form. It gives more information about my education, training, experience and approaches I use, among other things. I will ask you to read and sign it if you decide to work with me.  Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.Contact Information.

Style and Philosophy

I see my job as 1) helping clients identify goals that they think will make their lives better, and then 2) helping them figure out good ways to reach those goals.  Many times that involves me supporting people in becoming more aware of what is driving their actions or emotions, and then helping them decide how to proceed based on a fuller awareness of their situations.

The First Sessions: the first session or two will be mostly about getting to know you and what brings you (or your family member) to counseling at this time. I suggest meeting weekly for the first few weeks.  After that we can discuss what frequency or duration works best for you. 

Ongoing: I will likely ask you to commit to doing some homework at the end of most appointments. We will talk about different techniques or ways to look at situations during most sessions.  Talking is one thing, but change comes when you try out the things we talk about during the week.  The idea is to see what works, see what doesn't, and then we can fine tune things so you end up figuring out and doing things that work best for you.

Some counselors are more actively involved (a.k.a. talk a lot), some expect you to do most of the talking. I'm somewhere in the middle, and will always be willing to discuss why I am heading a certain direction in sessions. I mostly use a strengths based framework and see my job as a person who helps build up strengths in others and helps people to put their strengths to good use.

You Can Find The Following Information On My Policies Page As Well


  • I accept some insurances.  My rates are $100.00 per 50 minute hour, I can arrange for a reduced fee if I do not accept your insurance or if you or your family member are not insured.  Here's a page of additional Resources outside of this website as well.



  • I am also willing to work with you Out Of Network, please read the link if you are not sure what that means.


  • All major credit cards, checks and cash are accepted.  Payment is due at time of appointment, unless other arrangements have already been made.


  • Please feel free to call me if you have questions.  All phone calls are confidential and free. 



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