Numerous insurance companies in Washington use these two networks,  I am a provider for these networks.


**First Choice 


**Check your insurance card to see if your insurance uses these networks.  The wording might be something like "Plan administered by Aetna" or "_______ insurance uses First Choice Network providers".


I am also a provider for these networks and accept clients with these insurances.

  • ACI Speciality Benefits
  • Cigna
  • Multiplan
  • Optum
  • Pacific Source
  • United Behavioral Health

**Although I have a small contract with Apple Health, I do NOT take most people insured through Apple, but several local agencies will. If you want, give me a call and I will be happy to help you figure out where might be a good place to go.  Or you can find Apple Providers here (scroll down the page a bit for providers that serve adults).  More Resources are available here.


Please note that sometimes employers offer benefits where Behavioral/Mental Health benefits are NOT with the same company as your Medical benefits.  For example you may have First Choice Medical benefits, but your Behavioral/Mental Health benefits are through a completely different insurance.



I am also willing to work with you Out Of Network which works fine for many people.  When considering this, or paying out of pocket, please remember that getting help with issues that are creating pain in your life can improve the quality of your life dramatically; and in many cases, counseling does not have to be a long term project to be helpful. 




If you have not been in counseling before, you might not be familiar with how mental health benefits differ from other medical benefits.  You can get a quick summary of how they work here:  About Insurance


Please check your insurance policy to get information on what your behavioral health or mental health benefits are and what the co-pay will be. I will generally ask for your insurance information as we schedule the first appointment so we both know in advance if a pre authorization is needed, what the co-pay will be and so on.


I also do EAP (Employee Assistance Program) work for all of the networks listed above. If you have an EAP benefit through one of these networks, all you need to do is contact your EAP liaison to get an authorization for a set number of sessions (contact your H R Department if you need more info on how to contact your EAP liaison). Once you get the authorization, you can either contact me directly, or in some cases your EAP liaison will have me contact you. EAP benefits are generally available to all of your family members.


One last note, figuring out insurance IS complicated, so if you have questions about any of this, please ask me.


-Carol Patterson, LMHC



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