Other Services



Available to give workshops or seminars to MH and other professionals working with clients on the following topics:


  • Being Effective with Guarded Clients (Court, Work, or School Ordered )
  • The Joys of Working With Sullen Teenagers
  • Cultural Competencies Needed for Working with LGBTQ Clients
  • Creating Effective Individualized And Tailored Care Plans
  • Wraparound and Wraparound Facilitation
  • Supporting Wraparound Plans from a Traditional Role (can tailor this for lay people as well as professionals)


Professionals can call for individual consultations as well- there is no charge for short brain picking sessions.  My fees for more in depth consultations are reasonable.


Employers can contact me for presentations to employee groups around topics such as handling stress, dealing with change, communication, and how to get professional help for themselves or their family. I have experience training and teaching a variety of adults. 




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